רון וגיתית,

נהננו מכל רגע ולא הבנו איך זה נגמר כל כך מהר. הייתם נהדרים, תותי הייתה מדהימה!
אני מקווה שאתם יוצאים לסיבוב הופעות עם הקונצרט הזה וזה לא יגמר בזה.
מחכה בקוצר רוח לקונצרט הבא!

Liana Kanengisser
Israeli House Director
Consulate General of Israel
180 Bloor st. West 7th Floor
Toronto, ON, Canada

Hi Ron,

I'd like to congratulate you for the magnificent show offered yesterday night.

Please accept our admiration and appreciation for organizing and directing the show at the highest possible level.

As well please send our compliments and congratulations to Gitit , Tuti and Shaked along with the band, for their performance. 

We really had a wonderful time and enjoyed every minute.


Fabian and Nurit

שלום משפחה מקסימה,

רציתי להגיד לכם שהייתם אתמול נפלאים, יפים, מדהימים ומרגשים עד דמעות.
רואים שהתפוחים שלכם נפלו קרוב מאוד מאוד לעץ.........

מאחלת לכם הרבה הצלחה עם המופע ומקווה שתמכרו אותו לכל הקהילות היהודיות והישראליות בארה"ב וקנדה.

אוהבת אורית

Dear Ron,Gitit and Family,
Congrats on a great show. I really enjoyed it! Gitit you are truly a
great voice!!!!!
Best regards,
Steve Thomson


Hello Ron, Gitit, Tomi, Tooti, Shaqed and Emily,

I would like to extend a very hearty Mazal Tov and Kudos to you all, on behalf of Zan and myself, on the absolutely stunning and professional performances you all gave last night! It was as they say… “A Night to Remember!”

The obvious and mutual respect, family closeness and love, for music and for each other that emanated from the stage could only have come from a loving and multi-talented family such as yours. This was truly something wonderful to behold and take in with our eyes and our hearts as we continued to be dazzled, song after song.  

The pure talent and passion of what you all can do individually and what you accomplished together was surely felt by everyone  in the concert hall last night, and in every single song performed. It was as much a tribute to the Jewish composers as it was to you/your family!

Thank you for sharing your undeniable musical gifts. I wish you all GOOD LUCK and much continued success as you travel the road that was ultimately meant for you. Welcome (back) to the stage!!  This is YOUR “B’shert”.

With much love and admiration,

Carol M.

Hi Ron, it was so wonderful to be at your family's performance last week and to witness the abundance of talent and beauty that is in the Druyan family.  I was immersed in song and often Gitit's fluid and beautiful voice actually brought me to tears. There were a few songs that were very emotional for me and I loved the array of music. Tutti is not only stunning but I forsee a career in musical broadway or stage for her. The musicians all are super talented in their own right and their redendition of Copa Cabanna was superb. All your hard work at putting this show together was obvious and I truly believe it will result in some wonderful opportunities in the near future. Is it possible to get a CD from the show?
Give my love to your divas and we hope to see you soon.

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